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Adaptive Water Sports

Everyone is Welcome at Halla Walla

At Halla Walla we take our welcome of all people seriously. Water skiing has typically been thought of as a sport for the elite and wealthy and for those without physical challenges. There is a movement to change that. Why should a sport that is so good for your health be only accessible to a select few?


At Halla Walla, people of all ages and abilities can enjoy the fun and excitement of waterskiing. All that’s needed is a desire to learn and have fun.


Our adaptive equipment allows a skier to participate in a range of water sports from skimming the surface in an inner tube, to competitive skiing including slalom, tricks, and jumping. Many leg and arm amputees use the same equipment as able-bodied athletes, but adaptive devices such as sit-skis, outriggers, and shoulder slings, accommodate various levels of ability.

When a student learns to water ski, we will determine which equipment will best suit their individual needs. Trained staff will check strength, mobility, and balance, talk with the student about his or her goals, and discuss any concerns,

We have a variety of adaptive ski equipment available that allows individuals with physical disabilities to enjoy the sport of waterskiing.

Most of our students will use a sit-down water ski that was designed by Royce Andes. All sit-down skiers use a singlewide ski to which a metal-framed cage is attached. The skier sits in a canvas sling that can be adjusted up or down to change the skier’s center of balance and comes in a variety of models to suit the skiers ability level.

We offer professional lessons for newcomers.

When it comes to waterskiing, we in the Abu Dhabi area admittedly have advantages. We enjoy a climate that provides a long, warm-weather season and tranquil waters. We are happy to welcome all to come and join our Halla Walla family. If there is any way possible, we will make sure you have fun and stay fit at the same time.

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