Our Story

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We Love what we do

So we share it with you

Abu Dhabi has become the hub of international water sports training, with Olympic water sports teams form all over the world using it as their winter training grounds. We have put together a team of champions to help us train you in Water Skiing, Wakeboarding and lots more…


  • Cowboy Ted
    Cowboy TedBusiness Partner and Wrangler
    • Pilar Barton
      Pilar BartonGeneral manager, happiness director and instructor
      • Silvio Chiha
        Silvio ChihaAsian World Champion / Coach
        • Dimitri Gamzukoff
          Dimitri GamzukoffAssociate World Cup Winner / Coach
        • Ollie Farrell
          Ollie FarrellJet Ski Wrangler

          Pilar Barton

          Pilar Barton
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          Hey There

          We can’t wait for you to come and hang out. We love what we do, and we are just here to share it with you.

          We definitely have something for everyone.

          We have friends skiing and boarding with us from the age of 3 to 87 years old and it’s good to see smiles all around.

          Water Skiing used to be an elite sport. Not anymore. We take our, “Halla” seriously.

          Some more cool stuff in Abu Dhabi

          You know, we had this idea that Abu Dhabi has some amazing water and weather. Perfect for what we do.

          Why not the official International Winter Water Sports Training destination for World Champion Athletes?

          So we called a few our most-cool World Champion friends one day and we were like, “Hey guys, we are chillin’ in the 971 and it’s amazing, Yalla!”

          You will be learning from the best and you’ll make some new friends. That is good for all of us.

          Al Bandar Marina

          Al Bandar Marina
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          Hanging Out

          Hanging Out

          One less stranger

          And that’s how the story goes.

          In the meantime, come on over. Bring your family, your dog, your skateboard, your little brother, whoever, whatever. You’re always welcome

          Above all, we are happy to have you join us. As in, #onelessstranger #hallawalla
          And we daily give thanks to be able to give back to the community and the sport we love.
          See ya’ soon.

          Let’s Change This Day

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